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Environment and renewable energy

As part of the 2020 summary, we mentioned not only the safety and health of our employees, but also environmental responsibility towards our surroundings and all of us in general.

The reason is simple. Gone are the days when companies' profits were built on pedestals and they didn't look to the right or left. Today, more than ever, corporate social responsibility is important and for the whole of Europe Automotive Holding a.s. I can say with a clear conscience that these are not just empty words for us.

We invest in sustainability

If you have read our articles, you would already know that 97% of the vehicles in our fleet fall under the latest Euro 6 emission standard (the standards are connected to the European Union and set maximum values ​​for exhaust gas pollutants, both for petrol and diesel engines).

It does not end just with the transport technology. At the same time, we adhere to a sustainable approach within our real estate assets.

Our production building is equipped with 124 pieces of solar panels for the production of electricity with an installed capacity of 30 kWh. We use energy produced by a DAIKIN heat pump with outputs of 64 kW and 18 kW to ensure the heating of the production hall and the administrative building.

In 2020 alone, we managed to produce 273,386 kWh of energy thanks to our own photovoltaic technologies.

Part of the waste is even used as secondary raw materials. All sources of air pollution meet emission limits and are operated in accordance with Act No. 201/2012 Coll. on air protection. When introducing new technologies, environment impact assessment is one of the factors in decision making process.

And we don't neglect anything regarding environment even in the handling and lifting equipment used inside the production halls.

We mainly use specialized technology for indoor installations with high load capacity and compact dimensions. For these works we use, for example, machines and tools from Enerpac, Lift systems, Manitex Valla, Carl Stahl, Hyster, Riggers and others.

When choosing mechanization, the main factor for us is safety and ecology, which is why most of our technology is electro powered with zero CO2 emissions.

In conclusion

Our goal is not only to fight for improved air quality and lower energy consumption, but we emphasize all aspects of CSR (corporate social responsibility), includes not only the environment but also respect for human rights, support for communities and the society in which the company operates.