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Installation of cooling technology including piping

We entered the new year by implementing a large project for a client with a large-capacity refrigerated food warehouse.

The key was the reconstruction and installation of a new cooling system for internal cooling of the food warehouse. Part of the contract is removing of the entire ammonia cooling system and brine distribution.

In addition to the dismantling of compressors, water basins, cooling towers and 37 pieces of old evaporators, which we replaced with completely new ones, it was also necessary to replace the DN 250 - DN 50 pipelines over 2,000 meters long. Armaflex AC rubber insulation provided complete thermal insulation of fittings, valves and pipes made of AISI 304 stainless steel material, TIG welded.

Europe Automotive Holding is satisfied with the assembly process as well as with the fast completion process. “We worked on the preparations for this project in the last two months of last year. The implementation has been in progress in continuous operation of 7 days a week since 12/01/2021. During this time, our welders have made approximately 3,711 welds, so we can expect the order to be completed by the end of March. ”

A total of 8 work platforms participate in important parts of this ongoing project. The mobile indoor mini crane VALLA 250E is mainly used for handling in halls with limited access and, thanks to its load capacity of up to 25 tons, it is an excellent helper for handling heavy loads. As another handling technique, we use, for example, the VZV Hyster forklift truck with a load capacity of 7 tons, which, thanks to its compact design, can move even in hard-to-reach places.