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Thermal and cold insulation

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. provides comprehensive services in the field of thermal and cold insulation. Based on demand and on-site inspection we can offer you an optimal solution. An integral part is the provision of the necessary mechanization such as work platforms, scaffolding, telescopic manipulators or forklifts. Europe Automotive Holding a.s. has its own production of tinsmith elements and therefore we can provide a surface finish to insulations according to customer's requirements.

  • insulation of special equipment such as reactors, filters, tanks, exchangers and others
  • insulation of boilers including accessories
  • insulation of above-ground piping, piping bridges, etc.
  • insulation of underground piping, heating channels and collectors, etc.
  • insulation of air-conditioning equipment, distribution systems and drains
  • insulation of central heating systems
  • insulation of boilers and their accessories
  • insulation of furnaces and dryers
  • insulation of tanks
  • insulation of machines and production technologies
  • preparation of a project and implementation documentation
  • quality documentation
  • humidity measurement

Industrial insulation

  • design and implementation of thermal and cold insulation in power engineering and other industries
  • implementation of measures to reduce noise in industry (screens, silencers)
  • cladding of halls and industrial buildings: complete cladding (PUR, PIR, pleated cladding)
  • implementation of flat roof shells
  • plating and production of tinsmith elements
  • implementation of roof or wall claddings and their sealing
  • insulation servicing and reconstruction
  • insulation of machines and technological units such as ovens, autoclave dryers, reactors, columns etc.
We move machines, production lines, provide oversize transport, including connection to all media. We install piping, air-conditioning and electrical wiring. We offer complete engineering work for the preparation and implementation of orders. We execute orders throughout the whole European Union.

Moving machines

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. offers its clients complete and professional moving of machines and equipment, assembly and disassembly of all operating media, preparation and provision of all handling and transport equipment, including regular or oversized transport. Consultancy before and during the implementation of the move.


Media installation

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. provides supplies of power units, installation of media in the field of construction and reconstruction of heat and power sources, energy storage and heat distribution systems. We offer a comprehensive solution of energy buildings from engineering, project documentation to subsequent implementation - delivery, installation and commissioning.


Fire safety solutions and insulation

Fire protection of buildings is an important part of fire prevention. The purpose of fire seals is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, thereby minimizing damage to health and property.

The weakest point of constructions during an outbreak of fire are building penetrations of installations, openings between individual fire sections, various valves and supporting structures.


Steel constructions

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. provides comprehensive services in the field of steel construction and locksmith production. We implement steel structures associated with industrial production, in-building into halls, conveyors, racks and fixtures, or steel structures such as energy bridges, landings, hoppers, baths and other accessories for power engineering.