Installation and technology servicing

We provide servicing including support and consultancy. Thanks to our wide and experienced team, we can provide installations, connections to media, transports, disassembly, assembly and servicing activities of machine technologies.


We focus most of our activities on the automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, food and metallurgical industries. In these sectors we provide servicing, assembly, moving, transport of machines and production lines such as:


Welding lines and workplaces, single-purpose machines, machining centres, forming machines, manufacturing and packaging machines, conveyors, bending machines, laser machines, vertical presses, forging presses, plastic injection machines, plastic blow moulding machines, silos, foundry furnaces, die casting machines, robotic workplaces, manipulators, boilers, tanks, air handling units, air-conditioning, rubber machines and others.


The offered services include:
Machine frame levelling, angular plate deflection, machine parallelism, tip centring, column strain gauges, seals, column dismantling, ultrasonic flaw detection, chamber cleaning, chamber auger replacement, RSP replacement of hydraulic valves, hose replacement, servicing of tempering units, repair and servicing on granulate dryers, mould removal, servicing of media lines.

Instalace a servis technologií

Installation, connection to media, transport, dismantling, assembly and servicing activities of machines from manufacturers: ABB, Aida, Alba, Arburg, Arisa, BATTENFELD, Benelli, Beutler, Bihler, Bliss, BMU, Bruderer, Clearing, Colombo-Agostino, Comas, Crippa, Dangelmeier, Danly, Demag, Dieffenbacher, Dunkes, EBU, Edelhoff, Eitel, Engel, Erfurt, EUMUCO, Exner, FAGOR, Gräbener, GSW, Hatebur, Heilbronn, Helmdering, Heuser, HYDRAP, Hydromec, Innocenti, INVERZINI ,IWK, Kaiser, KHS, Kindsmüller, KRAUSS MAFFEI, Krupp, Lasco, Lauffer, Leinhaas, Linde, MABU, Manzoni, May, Mecfond, Mecolpress, Mengele, Müller, MOSSINI , National, Neff, Oevermann, Oxford, OMERA, Pelessier, Pelz, Peugeot, PSE, Raster, Raskin, Rheinmetall, Richter, Rovetta, Ruhrmann, Schuler, Seuthe, Siempelkamp, SIMPAC, Šmeral, SMG, Soenen, STORK, Thölen, USI, Wagner, WEINGARTEN, WINDSOR , Raster Zeulenroda, Zani, ZDAS etc.