About Us


Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial assembly, relocation and transfer of machinery and installation of energy and technological distribution. The company was founded in 2008, when the company management began offering services in the field of servicing, installation of energy and technological distribution and relocating machines and technological units.


In the following years, the provision of services was expanded to include oversize transport, production of single-purpose machines, installation of industrial insulation, rental of machinery and crane work.


In connection with expanding activities and continuous development of personnel, machinery and certifications, our company was able to execute the most demanding orders in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The aim of the company is continuous development in technical and personnel terms, to deliver the best possible quality of work and deliveries and to provide our clients with the greatest possible support. Therefore, it has implemented a certified system of quality management, environmental and occupational safety management.

Many years of experience

Our employees are real experts and professionals in the field. Most of our employees have participated in several important projects, from the construction of power plants, heat sources, car factories and printing works, to projects in the armaments industry or nuclear power.

Safety and Health protection at work

At Europe Automotive Holding a.s., our highest priority is the safety and health protection of our employees and the suppliers involved in our customers' projects.


An important goal of Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is compliance of its activities with the conditions of sustainable development. The company management is committed to reducing negative impacts and constantly improving the environment.



The company started its business focused on the production of single-purpose production machines for the automotive industry. It also gradually expanded its services.

Establishment of a new facility in Liberec. Company certification for the quality management system ISO 9001. Purchase of assembly vehicles and extension of transport machinery.

Operational energy maintenance and servicing for Magna Exteriors & Interiors (BOHEMIA) s.r.o. Air conditioning servicing for paint shops.

OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. General servicing contract for supply, service and transfers for the Faurecia European network. Obtaining authorization to provide health services and the start of the ophthalmic optics operation.

Cooperation with Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia. Purchase of new service vehicles and machinery. Extension of the Liberec facility by 360 sqm.

Special lift system Lift Systems for 145 tons. Transport machinery MAN and Meusburger for transport of heavy loads and machinery, establishment of a mobile assembly workshop.

Purchase of a special hall crane VALLA 25 tons. Preparation of a planned extension of the Liberec facility. Preparation for the EMS 14001 environmental management system certification.

Relocation of the Liberec facility to new modern premises. Acquisition of new machinery such as forklifts and other assembly equipment. Forklift Hyster S150A 7 tons and JUNG 100 tons. Installation of heat pumps for heating the entire facility. Implementation of a major project - the complete relocation of the AVIA Motors plant.

The year 2018 was very demanding and the composition of orders was very varied. In January, our company received a nomination for the installation of machine technology in the newly built Nexen Tire Europe plant. Acquisition of new technical equipment Riggers TriLifter TL65 Pick & Carry crane, Hyster S150A and others. New meeting room at the company headquarters, expansion and modernisation of the fleet.

In January 2019, a new lifting device with a lifting capacity of 400 tons ENERPAC SL 400 was purchased and immediately put into operation. This year, our company was selected for several complete relocations of entire companies in the automotive industry. Successful completion of ISO EMS 14 001 certification. Modernisation of the company vehicle fleet. Preparation of new branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

In 2019, two years after the purchase, our TriLifter TL 65 was joined by its bigger brother, the TriLifter TL 100. This is a hall crane, especially suitable for load handling in halls, which will do the job of a crane or a heavy-duty forklift with a capacity of 100 tons. The two TriLifters form a perfectly complementary duo and have become indispensable assets to the EAH technical team.

In 2019 we had another round of certification. And this time we have successfully completed it. We were able to add the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate to our list of certificates.


However, our quest for cleaner and more sustainable operations is far from over. We are determined to find new ways to behave responsibly and to work as closely as possible with the environment and its needs. So keep your fingers crossed.

In 2021, another miracle of modern engineering will take up residence in our country - the COMETTO ECO 1000 self-propelled chassis with a load capacity of up to 174 tonnes.


The Cometto chassis is self-propelled and is used to transport machines or machine parts using remote control, especially in interiors with limited access and space. Its great advantage is, among other things, its ability to overcome considerable unevenness in the terrain. It is a great helper. Many jobs would not have been possible without it, or only with great difficulty.

The year 2022 brought us the Mercedes Benz Actros 5 - 4163 SLT 8x4 four-axle truck for national and international long-distance transport of heavy and oversized loads.


The Actros has made a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency and productivity of our transports.


It helps us to complete your projects quickly and on schedule.

In 2022, we also confirmed that we are a stable and transparent business partner for our clients.


We successfully passed the recertification of ECO vadis, a recognized and independent platform that examines corporate social responsibility.


The aim of ECO vadis certification is to provide business partners with complete transparency of a company's performance in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Among other things, we want to let our customers know that they are important to us and that we want to be a reliable and strong partner.

The year 2023 was truly exceptional for our company. Not only did we celebrate one of the most successful periods on the market, but we also celebrated 15 years since our foundation. We decided to celebrate this important milestone in a big way, and what would a celebration be without some great news?

New Arrivals:

Enerpac SL 200 Gantry - with a capacity of 200 tons. We have introduced a new giant that will allow us to tackle more heavy duty tasks.

Enerpac SL 400 Gantry - This giant 400 tonne gantry system is a real help, which is why a second identical system was purchased.

TriLifter TL 150BW - The innovative TriLifter with a lifting capacity of 68 tonnes brings a new dimension of performance and efficiency. With this equipment we are able to tackle complex tasks with ease.

HOIST FR 40/60 - This unique forklift with a capacity of 25 tonnes strengthens our fleet and impresses especially with its compact dimensions.

We believe that these new additions will not only strengthen our company, but also help our customers solve their challenging tasks and projects. We are proud to offer cutting-edge and modern technology in the field of heavy specialty machinery.

In 2024 we are planning a few more innovations. We want to continue to strengthen our position in the industry and bring the best to our customers. 


We are eagerly awaiting a new addition to our fleet, the JMG MC250.09FL, a special 25 tonne capacity, 100% electric truck. We expect it to see its first deployment as early as April 2024.