Moving machines

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. offers its clients complete and professional moving of machines and equipment, assembly and disassembly of all operating media, preparation and provision of all handling and transport equipment, including regular or oversized transport. Consultancy before and during the implementation of the move.

Heavy and oversize transport

An important part of the services provided by Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is international lorry transport, heavy and oversize transport, transport of construction machinery, cranes and handling equipment, oversize transport of industrial machines and technologies.

Installation and technology servicing

We provide servicing including support and consultancy. Thanks to our wide and experienced team, we can provide installations, connections to media, transports, disassembly, assembly and servicing activities of machine technologies.

Media installation

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. provides supplies of power units, installation of media in the field of construction and reconstruction of heat and power sources, energy storage and heat distribution systems. We offer a comprehensive solution of energy buildings from engineering, project documentation to subsequent implementation - delivery, installation and commissioning.

Fire safety solutions and insulation

Fire protection of buildings is an important part of fire prevention. The purpose of fire seals is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, thereby minimizing damage to health and property.

The weakest point of constructions during an outbreak of fire are building penetrations of installations, openings between individual fire sections, various valves and supporting structures.

Steel constructions

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. provides comprehensive services in the field of steel construction and locksmith production. We implement steel structures associated with industrial production, in-building into halls, conveyors, racks and fixtures, or steel structures such as energy bridges, landings, hoppers, baths and other accessories for power engineering.



Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is one of the leading suppliers of industrial installation, relocation, transfer, energy installation and distribution services. Europe Automotive Holding a.s., emphasizes the provision of the highest quality of services, without limiting the size of the project. We operate throughout the whole European Union with highly qualified personnel, with a high standard of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), with all certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and exceptions for the transport of standard and oversize loads, including holidays and weekends.

The aim of Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is a satisfied customer, continuous development of the company in terms of personnel and technical aspects, adherence to occupational safety and applicable standards and, finally, the reduction of the environmental burden.

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We provide an all-inclusive service for our customers including support and consultancy. Thanks to our wide and experienced team we can provide installations, connections to media, transports, disassembly, assembly and servicing activities of machine technologies. We focus most of our activities on the automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, food and metallurgical industries. In these sectors we provide service, assembly, relocation, transport of machines and production lines such as:


Welding lines and workplaces, single-purpose machines, machining centres, forming machines, manufacturing and packaging machines, conveyors, bending machines, laser machines, vertical presses, forging presses, plastic injection machines, plastic blow moulding machines, silos, foundry furnaces, die casting machines, robotic workplaces, manipulators, boilers, tanks, air handling units, air-conditioning, rubber machines and others.

Power engineering

Here, Europe Automotive Holding a.s. can offer everything in terms of production, distribution and consumption of heat. For power and heating companies we provide servicing and assembly activities on pipelines, machinery, construction and assembly of power units, transfer stations, boiler rooms and related transports, handling and heavy lifting of technological units or components.


We supply a solution suitable for you and, of course, on "turnkey” basis. Our deliveries include everything from project analysis and project documentation to equipment delivery and installation including commissioning, pressure and other necessary tests, accompanying technical documentation and user manuals. Our deliveries are comprehensive. They include areas of mechanical and technological, electrical and measurement control systems, including the construction of boiler rooms or piping.