We provide an all-inclusive service for our customers including support and consultancy. Thanks to our wide and experienced team we can provide installations, connections to media, transports, disassembly, assembly and servicing activities of machine technologies. We focus most of our activities on the automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, food and metallurgical industries. In these sectors we provide service, assembly, relocation, transport of machines and production lines such as:


Welding lines and workplaces, single-purpose machines, machining centres, forming machines, manufacturing and packaging machines, conveyors, bending machines, laser machines, vertical presses, forging presses, plastic injection machines, plastic blow moulding machines, silos, foundry furnaces, die casting machines, robotic workplaces, manipulators, boilers, tanks, air handling units, air-conditioning, rubber machines and others.


We also carry out activities such as relocating products and stock, including handling of light equipment, special activities in various fields of industrial activities, such as dismantling of obsolete technological units, dismantling of piping and wiring, dismantling and ecological removal of obsolete machinery, handling of difficult technological parts, folding, cleaning, settling, dismantling of used industrial and machinery park, moving of whole production plants, including connection of machines to new supply points all over Europe.

We also supply industrial wiring for production equipment:
Electrical installation, compressed air, DEMI water, cooling water, heating water, fire water, natural gas distribution, inert gas distribution, hot water, steam and warm water distribution, oil distribution, distribution for transport of liquid food media and mixtures and distribution of chemicals and products.