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Here, Europe Automotive Holding a.s. can offer everything in terms of production, distribution and consumption of heat. For power and heating companies we provide servicing and assembly activities on pipelines, machinery, construction and assembly of power units, transfer stations, boiler rooms and related transports, handling and heavy lifting of technological units or components.


We supply a solution suitable for you and, of course, on "turnkey” basis. Our deliveries include everything from project analysis and project documentation to equipment delivery and installation including commissioning, pressure and other necessary tests, accompanying technical documentation and user manuals. Our deliveries are comprehensive. They include areas of mechanical and technological, electrical and measurement control systems, including the construction of boiler rooms or piping.


With regard to the heat transfer medium, these are steam, warm water and hot water boiler rooms. For distributions from installed sources we supply regular, pre-insulated piping for drain-free primary and secondary installation, even in SIPRO overhead lines. We also supply and implement distribution of hot service water and cold water, distribution of heat and cold, distribution of natural gas, inert gases and air.

Materials for distribution: stainless steel and its fittings for industry as well as the chemical and food industry, plastic piping, galvanized piping systems and steel.