EAH in 2021

The year 2021 brought many challenges for many of us in both personal and professional life. 

Nevertheless, we could call it success and we have moved our company forward.  

We have managed to complete several large projects, especially in the relocation of production plants, which represent the most interesting part of our business. Despite persistent hygienic restrictions, especially when traveling abroad, we managed to conclude 28 project with new customers. The total number of projects, from the smallest to the largest, was number 457 and the total amount of hours we spent on projects was 139,600 h. During this time, we drew 702,820 km with our car fleet in 19 countries in Europe and Asia.     

Safety comes first

As throughout the pandemic, we place great emphasis on the safety of our employees and hygiene measures. Although some steps are not very popular, we still keep our employees 100% vaccinated. This protects not only us, but also our clients and their plants, which we visit during our projects. However, we continue to test vaccinated employees regularly to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

We have expanded the range of our technicians

And we will stay with our employees for a while. We also focused on expanding our staff and held regular recruitment sessions throughout the year. Thanks to them, we managed to get a larger number of colleagues for technical positions. In addition, we require vaccinations for each new employee, without which our company will not employ them.

We managed to buy new technology

We have also expanded our vehicle fleet, from ordinary cars to unique mechanizations, which are at the highest level in the Czech Republic and on a European scale. 5 cars and vans from the Škoda and Fiat brands and 4 new heavy-duty transport vehicles underwent a fleet change. The most interesting is the self-propelled trailer SPMT Cometto ECO 1000, which is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.     

We have reduced our environmental footprint

But we have not forgotten our ecological footprint either. In our plant we decided to replace the lights with  LED lighting as environmentally more responsible. As a result, we have reduced the energy balance of lighting by two thirds. We also managed to produce 251,766 kWh thanks to our own photovoltaic plant.   

Thanks to you

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the partners and employees for standing by our side in the past year. We wish you good luck in the next year and look forward to our cooperation on future projects. 

Thank you!

Josef Bureš