International transfer of production line

International relocation of production lines is one of our regular tasks, which we provide for our customers from the very beginning. 

One of these projects was also the recent transfer of a sheet metal stamping machine from a production plant from Germany to the Czech Republic for one of our major partners.

The machine, with a gross weight of 130 tons, had to be dismantled first so that safe transport on public roads could take place. The complete dismantling was preceded by the elaboration of a transport plan, which took in acount for road closures, bridge diagnostics and static assessments of the transport route. You can find out more about how the machines are moved at this link. 

We have the right machinery for the job

What will interest you the most is our heavy duty machinery. Due to the size and weight of the transported machine, we had to use our the most powerful machinery. The press was rotated and placed in to the transport position using the ENERPAC SL 400 hydraulic gantry crane, which is used to handle heavy loads in places with limited overhead room, such as production halls and plants.

Before parts of the production press were sent to its journey to the new location, difficult moving of the machine within the production plant was necessary . The new self-propelled trailer Cometto Eco 1000 served us perfectly for this . We are the only one in the Czech Republic using this particular trailer. Cometto ECO 1000 allows us to efficiently complete difficult project with which the competition would have been struggling for a long time.  

As soon as we transport all parts of the press back to the Czech Republic, the entire production line will be rebuilt in a new plant. And we'll be there again. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the entire project at our sales department.