Moving presses, robots and strike at the port

The summer of 2022 was all about moving industrial equipment across Europe, when we at EAH transported thousands of tonnes of machinery and equipment. It was the perfect opportunity to try out new equipment that expanded our fleet.

The journey of presses from the Czech Republic to Germany
As EAH dominates the transport of larger machines, transporting several injection moulding machines between the Czech and German plants was no obstacle. All in all, dozens of trucks were equipped and crossed the highways between the neighbouring countries for almost a whole month.

Dozens of alignments were performed and employees spent hundreds of hours on the subsequent commissioning. The help for this job was a TriLifter TL 65, a Valla 250 E, Hyster forklifts and oversize transport trucks from MAN, Scania and our new Merecedes - Benz Actros.

A strike at the port and waiting for the green light
After long preparations, the installation of seven presses at the Polish production plant was successfully started in May. The start of the project was complicated by a strike at the port from which the cargo was to be delivered for unloading in Poland. The green light to start the action could have come at any time, so it was necessary to be on standby at all times. Once the situation was cleared, the EAH fleet was dispatched to the site and the installation could get underway. It was headed by an ENERPAC SL 400 gantry system, a TriLifter TL 65 and, as always, Hyster auxiliary forklifts. 

To add to the complications, on arrival at the production hall where the presses were to be installed, it was discovered that the handling opening did not have the sufficient parameters. The load had to be moved with the utmost precision. However, everything was resolved and the equipment is now being tested and put into operation.

If not presses, then robots
Transport coordination, project preparation, transport of the machinery and final installation. The fast-track industrial installation is preceded by several days of planning so that time is not wasted on site and operations are not burdened by unnecessary constraints. This was also the case for the transport of the welding robots from France to the Czech Republic and Germany. Hyster forklifts and Jung transport chassis helped.

Establishing cooperation
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