New ENERPAC hydraulic torque wrench

Not all joints can be loosened or tightened by hand.

That's why we have the necessary equipment for even the most demanding tightening.

Hydraulic torque wrenches provide a fast, easy and safe way to tighten large diameter bolts to high and precise torque. All the necessary data is entered into the ENERPAC ZU 4208TE-R electric power unit, which sets the ENERPAC S 6000 PX torque wrench in motion with the necessary precision. When the joint is tightened to the required values, the unit switches off and everything is done. All tightening equipment is supplied by ENERPAC with the necessary certification.

If you are unsure and need to tighten or loosen a joint, please contact us and we will be happy to help you

S6000PX, Pro Series Hydraulic Swivel Joint Torque Wrench, 8338 Nm of torque, square drive, 1 1/2 inch connection ZU4208TE-QR, Electric Hydraulic Torque Wrench Unit, Pro, LCD display, 8.0 quarts of usable oil, 208-240 V