New Faymonville MULTIMAX extendable low bed trailer

We try to keep our technology up to date and always be modern and reliable.

Thanks to this, we can offer quality services and improve our capabilities. We have therefore started to expand our vehicle fleet since the beginning of 2022. This time, the new addition to our flees is heavy duty transport technology.

Faymonville is the world's leading supplier of low bed trailers, bed trailers and modular vehicles suitable for all transport opportunities. Their versatile equipment is always of high quality and reliability, which we will appreciate together for various types of transfers.

Our new Faymonville MULTIMAX 6 is a 6-axle low bed extendable trailer with double hydraulic ramps that perfectly meets our requirements. Let's take a look at its technical features.

  • Maximum axle load 72,000 kg
  • Maximum saddle loa 25,000 kg
  • Total weight 97,000 kg
  • Gooseneck length 4,100 mm
  • Gooseneck width 2,480 mm

Thanks to these features, this trailer is suitable for dificult transfers with specific transport needs. Its robust construction with a high point load makes it a great for various transfer tasks, whether in the Czech Republic or abroad.

The low loader is currently in full operation. Immediately upon arrival we sent it out to fulfill the first projects, from which we will soon bring you interesting information.

If you would like to know more about our mechanization, please contact our technical department.