The DLAP 1500 press has a new home

On exaple of our work is such an extensive project as the relocation of the DLAP 1500 press, including complete disassembly and installation at a new location.

We have successfully implemented this transfer for the Korean company SIMPAC, which is the leader in the South Korean market in the field of metal sheet forming technologies and also one of the leading press manufacturers in the world.

How to move the press
Before the start of any such large-scale project, thorough planning is necessary, In this instance it took our whole team 7 days. It was a really huge project - only 7 trucks had to be booked to transport the necessary tools and quipment. First, the entire press had to be dismantled, which was arranged with help of the hydraulic gantry system Enerpac SL400 with a total capacity of 400 tons. This gantry crane with hydraulic side shift is ideal for lifting machines and heavy loads in places with limited handling capacity, such as production halls. In order to be able to move the DLAP 1500 to a new position, we had to disassemble it into parts weighing 65 to 165 tons and load it on a COMETTO SPMT.

Transport of heavy components requires special equipment
The transport of such equipment as the DLAP 1500 press cannot be done by ordinary trucks, so we used the self-propelled trailer - SPMT COMETTO ECO 1000 with a load capacity of up to 174 tons, which handled all heavy parts easylly, including the massive crown of the press, weighing 165 tons. We are the only one in the Czech Republic with this type of transportation equipment. In the meantime, the construction company has prepared a pit at the destination, in which the press was installed after the transport.

The whole movement of the press took only ten days, the subsequent assembly at the destination was handled by 5 specialists during the next week. It was a very short time for a project of this scale, this was achieved mainly by the flawless coordination between SIMPAC, us and the construction company that prepared the site for the relocation of the press.

No challenge is big enough for us
After 17 days, the DLAP 1500 was ready to perform its demanding tasks at the new site, and we were able to celebrate another successful project and look forward to further challenges that await us in the future. For more information on what we can do for you, please contact our sales department .