What we accomplished in 2022?

The year 2022 was for us, at Europe Automotive Holding, a.s., full of opportunities, challenges and interesting projects.

The year 2022 brought us many opportunities to move forward. Some remained untouched, others, on the contrary, brought us a lot of good and useful things.

In total, during the implementation of our 370 projects this year, we have driven 770,000 km, visited 12 countries and moved 23,800 tons of machinery and equipment. In order to do all this, we managed to expand our technical park with 9 new machines.

Such a large number of executed orders also requires a well-organized background and technical support. To keep everything running requires a lot of energy, and because we like to do things in a way that has as little impact on the environment as possible, we gain some of that energy from renewable sources. Our own photovoltaic system, which we are continuously expanding and modernizing, produced 29 MWh of electricity this year.

In the 2022 balance sheet, we would also like to mention 21 new customers, whose trust is greatly valued by the whole EAH team and put huge commitment on our ongoing services.

What kind of machinery did we purchase in 2022?
One of the things that we put a lot of emphasis on at EAH is improving the quality of the provided services. This would not be possible without continuous improvement and renewal of our vehicle and machine fleet.

Among the new additions bolongs the Faymonville MULTIMAX 6, a semi-trailer with six axles and double hydraulic ramps with the top load capacity available on the market. It can adapt to a wide range of conditions, making it easier for us to transport heavy machinery and loads. Its robust construction with high square meter load capacity makes it a highly efficient tool for a variety of uses.

Another useful vehicle added to our fleet this year was the Mercedes Benz Actros 5 - 4163 SLT 8x4. This 625 horsepower four-axle heavy duty truck significantly increases efficiency and economy when moving oversized and heavy loads.

The EAH fleet also grew this year with the new Renault Trafic pasanger vehicles. We use this medium-sized van for the comfortable transport of people and cargo for assembly and as an accompanying vehicle for larger projects. From the versions offered, we chose the Combi Van with a capacity of six people and an output of 110 hp.

The new ENERPAC S 6000 PX torque wrench is also a big help. Among its main advantages belongs the speed and high tightening torques that can be achieved with it. It is powered and controlled by an ENERPAC ZU 4208TE-R electric unit.

What interesting projects have we participated in?
One of the big projects was the relocation and installation of seven Simpac presses between the Czech plant and the plant with a location in Poland. The work was demanding not only because of the complexity of the assignment and the complexity of the project itself, but also because of the circumstances.

The whole situation was complicated by a strike in the German port from which the machines were supposed to be transported, and we did not know untill the last moment when we should prepare and when it would be possible to start assembly. There was only one certain thing – the time when the cargo would be deployed from the port. At that point we had to be ready to start working almost immediately.

Another big project, implemented in 2022, was the disassembly and installation of the simpac DLAP 1500 press, in which we had to secure 7 trucks just to transport the necessary tools.

First, the entire device had to be dismantled. For this, we used the Enerpac SL400 gantry system, a gantry crane with hydraulic shifts and a total capacity of 400 tons, which we use in places with limited handling space. In order to move the DLAP 1500 press to its new position, we had to disassemble it into smaller parts and load them with a COMETTO ECO 1000 transport chassis with a load capacity of up to 174 tons, which easily coped with all the heavy parts, including the massive crown of the press weighing 165 tons. In addition, we completed the order in record time. Only 17 days passed from the first loosening of the screw to the moment when the press was ready for use again.

The transport and unloading of the blow molding machine in Mladá Boleslav was also a logistically demanding discipline. The load, which is almost 17 meters long and weighs more than 60 tons, was handled by a TriLifter TL65, a LiftSystem SC4060 and an 8x4 Scania truck with a Faymonville trailer that was delivered to our fleet at the beginning of the year.

Thank you for your persistent faith in our services!
At the end of this review of the past year, I would like to thank our customers, our partners and employees. Thank you for standing by us, trusting and supporting us in the past year. Without you, none of what we accomplished this year would have been possible.

I wish you luck, health and success in upcoming year 2023 and look forward to our next projects and challenges.

Thank you!